You have an accountant.  You have an attorney. 

Why would you need a financial advisor?

A financial advisor has broad expertise across many specialties allowing them to  to identify coordination gaps in your plan.  Through proper analysis and evaluation of an individual's goals, we can then begin a course of action for the future.

Step 1 - Discovery Phase

We like to know as much about our clientele as we do about our own families.  What are your goals?  When would you like to reach these goals?  How do you prefer to work, and how do you prefer information be presented to you so that you can make an informed decision?  The more details the better, this way we can both be prepared for the journey that lies ahead.

Step 2 - Audit Phase

What follows next is an in-depth and extensive fact finding process.  This is coordinated with your current tax and legal professionals to provide the accurate and necessary information to analyze.  We do not analyze each aspect of your financial situation in a vacuum, but how each piece interacts with the other, providing for a more accurate picture of your current situation.

Step 3 - Development Phase

After the discovery and fact finding phases are complete, we meet with you to discuss our observations and present alternatives to help improve your position.  This phase of the plan is where client input is of great value.  What are your priorities?  What is your comfort level with our recommendations?  Your money cannot serve you effectively if we advocate a course of action that you feel uncomfortable with.  By actively participating in the planning process, you retain control each step of the way.  We are here to service you and we want you to feel comfortable in every aspect of our business.

Step 4 - Implementation and Monitoring Phase

A well thought out plan, although thought provoking and informational, is useless unless put into action.  We serve as our client's catalyst to make sure things get done through relentless followup and coordination with their other advisors.  More importantly, as we are committed to long-term relationships, we constantly monitor the plan to make sure that as your life changes, so does your plan.