Analyzing Existing Position

Our wealth management process culminates in the implementation of a financial plan that seeks to target your financial objectives. Before we determine how we can help make your goals a reality, we must first look at your current positions. Your current positions may provide a solid framework to build upon, or they could represent a field of quicksand that you need to be pulled from by us. Either way, we begin the planning process by gathering extensive data from you—a thorough review and analysis of this data provides the basis for your financial plan.

The goals of analyzing existing positions include:

  • To determine whether your current holdings match your risk tolerance
  • To review your existing holdings with a mind toward possibly introducing alternative strategies
  • To complement your existing positions
  • To get to know your comfort level
  • To understand your previous investment methodology
  • To find out who influenced you to make previous investment decisions
  • To uncover your buy/sell discipline
  • To assess whether or not previously held assets were being compared to an appropriate benchmark,or how investments were being monitored
  • To identify any critically urgent problems that your portfolio poses
  • To calculate the amount of income your portfolio is generating in relation to the amount you need
  • To spot any problems concerning titling of assets
  • To identify any issues with the beneficiaries listed

At its core, developing your financial plan requires us to juxtapose two elements: your goals and your current situation. We may or may not be able to build a bridge that links the two, but not until we know exactly where you stand today can we forecast a plan for tomorrow.