Financial Planning or Wealth Coaching?

Which is best for you?

The typical financial planner does an adequate job for the average family, but our clients are not "typical" or "average".  Our clients need a Wealth Coach, one who follows the Tapestry of WealthTM process. 

  • Families with a net worth in the millions
  • Business owners
  • Individuals with complex family structures or special situations

They all need a qualified Wealth Coach to audit, oversee, coordinate, implement, and track the legal, tax, investment, and risk management aspects in their lives. This is the Tapestry of WealthTM process. Some of our services that separates Family Wealth Partners from a typical financial planner include:

  • Financial goal tracking
  • Overall monitoring of financial accounts, regardless of whose management they are under
  • Dynamic portfolio management
  • Estate planning analysis and document review
  • Income tax analysis and tax loss harvesting
  • Personal contingency planning
  • Coordination of family limited partnerships, foundations, or other entities
  • Coordination of business planning
  • Coordination of retirement accounts with overall model
  • Insurance review and product placement